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The School follows Remodelled assessment structure to enable the pupils to learn with ease and acquire confidence for appearing in the Board examination with 100% syllabus. The entire curriculum is divided into Internal Assessment and Final Assessment. Internal Assessment has 3 periodic written Tests. Notebook submission and Subject Enrichment Activities. Final Assessment has 100% syllabus of the subject.

Periodic Test (10 Marks)

The school will conduct 3 periodic written Tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken. For the purpose of gradient learning. three tests will he held with cumulative portion of syllabus. The gradually increasing portion of contents would prepare students to acquire confidence for appearing the final Assessment with 100% syllabus.

English is the medium of instruction, in all classes, Hindi is second compulsory language. However, Sanskrit is taught as third language from VI to VIII Standard.

Computer Science is also given important and taught from class 1 onwards to enable the students to have a first hand knowledge to step confidently into today’s world of computers.

Evaluation (For I to X Std.)

Assessment Structure

Internal Assessment : 20 Marks

Student must secure 33% marks out of 20 Marks in each subject.

Final Assessment : 80 Marks

Students must secure 33% marks out of 80 Marks in each Subject.

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