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Rules of Examination and Promotion

  1. A student should have minimum 80% attendance in a year to become eligible to appear for the Annual Examination.
  2. Absence from any of the Test, Examination involves loss of marks grades. He/She may not be considered for any proficiency prizes.
  3. Answer scripts ot unit tests, Periodic Tests and half yearly examination will be shown to the students and parents but the answer scripts of final assessment will not be shown to anybody.
  4. Students absent form any test/Examination will not be re-examined.
  5. Promotions will be decided on the performance of the students throughout the year.
  6. Grade 'D' or 33% is the minimum pass in every subject. Grade ‘E’ means failure in the subject.
  7. If a student fails in the same class for two successive years. He/She shall not be allowed to continue in the school.
  8. If a student is absent for the examination on medical grounds he/she should produce a valid medical certificate to the School Authorities in advance.

Weightage for Promotion

(LKG, UKG & Xl Std.)

Periodic Tests 20%
Half yearly Examinations 30%
Annual Fxamination 50%

(I to X Std.)

Periodic Tests, Copies and Activities 20 Marks
Final Assessment 80 Marks
Total 100 Marks
Internal Assessment : 20 Marks

Student has to secure 33% marks out of 20 marks in each subject.

Final Assessment : 80 Marks

Student has to secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject.

Date for Examination

(LKG to UKG)

Unit Test—I 25th July 2022
Half yearly 22nd September 2022
Unit Test — II 15th December 2022
Final 2nd March 2023

(I to XII)

Periodic Test - I 25th July 2022
Periodic Test - II 22nd September 2022
Periodic Test - III 15th December 2022
Pre-Board — X 27th January 2023
Final 2nd March 2023
Pre-Board — XII 5th January 2023

"These dates are approximate and may be subjected to change."

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